Hindle Gears

Hindle Gears, as part of the Hindle Group, was established in 1930. Like its sister companies it has built a reputation for delivering quality engineered products. The on-going capital investment program ensures a place in the forefront of manufacturing technology, producing gears and allied power transmission components to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of established and new markets. The Company has facilities in the U.K and China and employs over 75 people. Customers are predominantly international, both civil and military.

With an eye on globalization and the obvious economic advantage of material procurement and manufacture in low cost economies we invested in our future. In 2006 Hindle Gears China opened, this is a wholly owned manufacturing facility based in Yantai China. Material procurement and ‘soft’ machining processes have been realized and integrated into U.K manufacturing costs. The future holds the opportunity for complete manufacture of precision transmission components in our Chinese facility.

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